Full Name
Judy Seybold, MS, RD, LD
Job Title
Chief Nutrition Officer
Speaker Bio
As Chief Nutrition Officer, Judy is responsible for the strategic growth and development of ItemMaster’s data-driven wellness solutions. She brings over 30 yrs. of academic, FORTUNE 100, retail, and private sector innovation that led to key developments in the field of nutrition including approval of the first FDA health claim - oats and heart health, regulatory use of Vitamin D and designing the first regulatory compliance methodology that drives automated attribute scoring. Over the past 8 yrs, Judy has been an advocate of consumer product transparency and a pioneer continuing the design of scientific rulesets that drive machine learning for attribution. These rulesets provide the underpinnings for wellness programs used across the US, reaching millions of shoppers. Judy is a registered, licensed dietitian and has a master of food science education.
Judy Seybold, MS, RD, LD